Joanna Spathis and Kerri Kennedy met roughly half a zillion years ago working at a medium-size publishing company. They bonded over their love of books, writing, politics, social justice, and strong coffee. Together, they have salsa-danced their way through their late 20s; biked from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Chicago; chartered a bus taking 50 or so people to the Women’s March on DC; hosted a documentary night (Action #88!) on body positivity; and written a book encouraging teen social activism (maybe you’ve heard of it?).

Kerri Kennedy
is a freelance writer and editor and former high school English teacher. She is a proud word nerd who loves to work with writing in any way she can. She is also an incurable chatterbox who loves to talk about books, her books, and how everyone else should love books (and her book). If you twist her arm, she’ll also happily explain to you why Donald Trump and his cronies are a bag of a*holes.

Joanna Spathis is a writer, volunteer, and activist. Despite her love of nuance and walking fine lines, she’s a Progressive zealot who has never learned to stop talking politics at dinner parties. Besides hosting said dinner parties, she loves librarians, kids named Alejandro, Linus, and Annabeth, second chances, and underdogs.

Together, Joanna and Kerri are a superhero duo (shhh, don’t tell anyone—just between us, OK?), longtime friends, and mutual lovers of crazy shenanigans.

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