The Naperville Sun covers the remarkable Students Speak Up Summit on Gun Violence Solutions, including the WRR booth at the event — April 28, 2018

Bookriot includes Wake, Rise, Resist in its list of “Teen Guides to Activism.” Squeal! We heart Bookriot.

Kerri explains “How to Be a Teen Activist (at any age!)” in the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association March Newsletter — March 2018

Kerri shares tips for “7 Ways to Save Your Mental Health in This Political Climate” in Mental Health Digest. (And who doesn’t need to know about that right now?!) — February 4, 2018

Joanna (along with Wake, Rise, Resist!) was featured in the Daily Herald‘s article “Why These Suburban Women Are Still Energized by the Women’s March” by Katlyn Smith and Lauren Rohr. From Joanna in the article: “The march was a call to action. It challenged me to say, ‘What are my talents and how can I use them for a greater good?'” — January 19, 2018

Talking politics, Wake, Rise, Resist, and the Women’s March with Two Broads Talking Politics. What a great time! Thanks, Kelly! — January 5, 2018