From the Book …
What you hold in your hands right now is a guide to try to make the world into the place that we all know it can be … with some work. This book is a blueprint to that work—filled with lots of actions—tiny ones, big ones, easy ones, hard ones, artsy ones, tech ones … something (lots of somethings!) for everyone.

It’s not a book that you have to read in order, but we have set it up in a way that we hope will help you grow into your interests and your activism. We suggest you at least start the book with Chapter 1: You Are Here to help figure out where exactly you want to head in your journey.

From there it’s up to you. We suggest you at least skim through the book in order. The first part of the book—I: Building Your Activist Toolkit—is designed to help you assess what you want to do, what you have to work with, and how to set off as an activist.

The second part of the book, Part II: Activism Gets Real, we hope feels more rigorous. We talk candidly about the systemic challenges of our nation and how they prevent us from achieving a fair and healthy society. The section ends with Chapter 6, which launches into the big fights of the day, with dozens of ideas, resources, and links to get you started tackling them. (If we say so ourselves, this is the chapter you don’t wanna miss.)

Keep reading and you will move on to the final section of the book, Part III: From Activist to Advocate. There you will find how to inspire others, raise awareness, and live your life with the intention and effectiveness of a true advocate.

What we have created is a way for you to get started early on your commitment to progress. You will shape the future—and you are starting this very day. Hurry, please. Your movement needs you.


Table of Contents from the Book
Introduction: The Time Is Now

How to Use This Book
     Action #1: What do you bring to the table?

Part I: Building Your Activist Toolkit
Chapter One: You Are Here
     Actions #2 to #9: Actions to Start Your Journey of Activism

Chapter Two: Building on a Common Ground
     Actions #10 to #27: Actions to Expand Your Bubble

Chapter Three: Craft Your Message
     Actions #28 to #40: Actions to Find What You Want to Say

Chapter Four: Stand in the Place Where You Live
     Actions #41 to #52: Actions to Act Locally


Part II: Activism Gets Real
Chapter Five: United We Stand
     Actions #53 to #66: Actions to Create a More Fair World

Chapter Six: Take Your Passion (and Make It Happen)
     Actions #67 to #83: Actions to Follow Your Personal Interests

Part III: From Activist to Advocate
Chapter Seven: Raising Awareness
     Actions #84 to #95: Actions to Spread Your Message

Chapter Eight: Living with Intention
     Actions #96 to #111: Actions to Live Your Values

Chapter Nine: Fundraising
     Actions #112 to #119: Actions to Help You Raise Money

Chapter Ten: Stay Inspired
     Actions #120 to #128: Actions to Keep Yourself Motivated


How to Find What You’re Looking for in This Book
Passion Index
Activities for Certain Moods