TIP: Amplifying Teen Voices

I am cohosting a fundraiser tonight for Sean Casten and am really excited to share how I figured out to blend this particular activism and my love of boosting teen voices. But first, a message: two weeks out until Election Day, and we are all



If you are NOT feeling the same. If you are feeling unempowered, overwhelmed, or shut down. If you are thinking it’s too late to help, turn OFF your social media, reread our book, and look to these links. You still have time.

But back to the fundraiser. So sometimes you gotta get a little creative to amplify teen activists. I was asked to cohost this fundraiser, which I think will be really exciting because it will also feature Rep. Linda Sánchez, the highest-ranking Latina in Congress and the first woman of color to be elected to a leadership position in Congress. Cool, right? Wouldn’t young voices benefit from hearing about this amazing woman and hearing her insights??

Problem #1: Tickets to the fundraiser are a little pricy. I’m worried that my friends can’t afford it.

Problem #2: Ain’t no way a young activist can afford it!

All-Purpose Solution: I asked the fundraisers to create a category called Sponsor a Young Activist. It’s a win-win-win. 1) My friends can contribute a little less and feel happy to help. 2) We can collectively put that money toward tickets for local young activists who will now get to meet some amazing politicians. And 3) Rep. Sánchez and future-Rep. Casten get to hear the insights from a new generation. Yessssss.

I love this—and I’m really proud to be part of such an amazing event! (Want to contribute? Click here!)




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