Guest Post: Bake Sale for Justice … $10,000 (& Counting!)

Note: Special thanks to changemaker (and Wake, Rise, Resist fan!) Nora for writing this blog post for WRR! If you have any doubt in your mind that youth are needed in this fight for our future, read on and be inspired at what Nora and her friends have been able to accomplish (spoiler: they’ve raised more than $10,000 for charity!).

Hi! My name is Nora. I am 11 years old and I live in Chicago IL. Every month my friends and I gather together and have a bake sale! We are called Bake Sale for Justice. We support a different organization every month. In the past we have donated to the ACLU, Human Right’s Campaign, The Southern Poverty Law Center, United We Dream, Refugee One, National Immigrant Justice Center, Union of Concerned Scientists, Environmental Defense Fund, Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico, Native American Right’s Fund and Fonkoze which supports women in poverty who live in Haiti.

We started Bake Sale for Justice after the November 2016 presidential election. We were all really upset. Then, my mom and I thought it would be fun to have a bake sale! We thought we could donate the money to organizations helping people in danger now that Donald Trump is president. We thought of friends who shared our grief and concerns and asked them if they wanted to help. They were all excited about the idea and jumped on board. One of them suggested that we ask a local independent bookstore called Women and Children First if we could set up in front of their store, and they were happy to help. We have gotten donations from local coffee shops and bakeries, but most of our items are homemade. The ages of the kids at the Bake Sale range from 7-14 and we always have parents and other adults helping out too.

We decided to ask people to give however much they felt like giving instead of pricing all the food. In fact the very first person who bought from us bought an ENTIRE cake and gave us $40!!!! A couple of times people have given us $100!! But it usually ranges from $5-$20. Some of our slogans are “Justice is delicious!” “Buy a cookie, save the world!” and “No donation is too small … or too large.” The first bake sale raised so much more money than we ever expected it would—over $700 in just two hours! That was when we decided to do it monthly. We have always raised at least $400 and our highest ever was $1500. To date, we have raised over $10,000 for multiple organizations.

The very first time we did the bake sale a woman came up to us and told us how happy she was that we were doing this. She told us that she was so devastated after the election and didn’t feel like leaving her house much. She was SO excited to find out we were doing this! Some people have told us that it gives them hope and that they are so glad to see us doing this. It makes me feel good when I help other people feel good. I also love raising money for people who will be helped by that money. The bake sale has helped me and my friends feel better about the future.

Thanks, Nora! You are making us feel better about the future, too. We are so in admiration of you and your friends. Continue to watch our blog for advice on how to hold a Bake Sale for Justice of your own! —Kerri & Jo

Sunday, 2/25  |  1–3 pm
Women & Children First
5233 N. Clark St. Chicago (in Andersonville)


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