Happy Veterans Day—Talk with a Vet

We include an action in the book advising readers to interview a vet (action #24!), which—to be honest—we debated a little about whether it belonged in the book. But upon about three seconds of reflection, we realized that OF COURSE it belonged in there.

Veterans are a group of who have been ignored or overlooked and disregarded for several decades now in this country. The ignored, overlooked, and disregarded are our peeps, progressives! TWENTY percent of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan suffered from PTSD or major chronic depression (according to RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research, as reported by the National Veterans Foundation). They also often suffer from homelessness or substance abuse disorders.

So set up an interview with a veteran today (or listen to some at the Veterans History Project). Ask her about her challenges. Ask her about what military life is like. Find out about her reality and help yourself grow as a humanitarian … and a progressive.

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