Guns again.


There are many wonderful organizations already involved in the gun control fight; you can learn how to get involved at the bottom of this post. (We’ve even added two more excellent links we’ve found since publishing the book; that’s how many people are on it and that’s how easy it’s gonna be for you to get involved.)

When it comes to talking about gun violence, gun culture, gun control, we’re all using pretty much the same scripts. The same two scripts, that is. For. Against. For. Against. This script has been run so many times that the metaphorical paper it’s written on is heavily wrinkled and the words are faded. For, against. For, against. We adults keep turning to these same two faded, wrinkled, tired scripts … and getting nowhere for it.

It’s time for your generation to rip this convo out of our hands and into new territory. Think: how are you going to ACT YOUR AGE—action #66!—and lead this conversation?

What’s your script, future changemakers? What worries you, frightens you, angers you about gun violence? And how is it affecting you—the way you live, the way you think, the way you act? Get your new messages out there. Tweet it, ‘gram it, write a letter to the editor, talk about it at the lunch table…. How are you going to do it? (And whatever way you put your script out there, PAH-LEEZZZ send us the link! @wakeriseresist or link in the Comments.)

Below is an abbreviated action from the book. It feels pretty meager in light of the tragedy in Texas of yesterday—in light of the nearly 3,000 tragic shootings (yeah, you read that right: THREE-FREAKIN’-THOUSAND) since the tragic shooting in Las Vegas on October 1—but here ya go:

Action #76. Humanize gun control
Every side of the gun debate is fraught with friction and controversy.
Every effort at creating common sense gun regulation
seems to be met with mistrust and misinformation, followed by
seemingly looser restrictions.

The good news is studies show that even most gun owners support
common sense gun legislation. But tread lightly when talking with
gun owners. (Duh! They’re armed!) Keep in mind that they are
constantly being told that liberals are planning to take away their
guns. Be the face of common sense. Humanize our “side” by being
open to listening to their side and by patiently explaining what
common sense gun legislation is really about. There is plenty of
common ground here.

Americans for Responsible Solutions was started by
former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot
while holding an outdoor meeting for constituents.

Everytown for Gun Safety offers a thriving
Act section to get you started as well as a clearly organized
Learn section on everything from the gun lobby to
domestic violence to background checks.

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
offers detailed descriptions of each state’s gun laws
as well as a downloadable factsheet comparing that state’s
laws to the other states. Go to Gun Laws and select State
Laws to find a list of all 50 states plus the District of

The Trace is an organization dedicated to educating and informing
a more robust national discussion on guns and offers an absolute
treasure-trove of information and resources.

• More statistics than we can barely stomach.

Please, no more—
Joanna and Kerri

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