How I Learned to Stop Hating the Elevator Pitch.

You, lady, are one smart quotation mark.

Action #33 Pitch in for Your Elevator Pitch (a planned short one- or two-minute spiel about something you care about) is an important and powerful tool to get your points across quickly to others—but that doesn’t mean that I (Kerri) was instantly in love with the idea of it. I am not a person who thinks quickly on her feet. I am a person who constantly humiliates herself by bumbling around with her words and becoming overwhelmed by my thoughts.

But it’s exactly for those reasons, my friends, that I am EXACTLY the person who should be thinking about an elevator pitch. And that became obvious as I was working on this book.

As people heard about what I was up to, they would inevitable ask, “What’s it about?” I would promptly stammer and stutter and grunt out the words like “Trump” and “resisting.” Then I’d scream “so’s your face” and go hide under a rock until they went away.

Clearly, I needed help. It was time for practice.

So I persevered. And it was ugly … at first. But with each time I said it aloud, it got a bit easier and bit more coherent. And now, thanks to practicing it so much, I actually sound like a semi-intelligtent adult rather than a preschooler just wakened from a nap.

Now, if you ask me what my book is about, I can happily tell you that:

It’s a book about helping progressive young people—or anyone, really— to feel more empowered to get involved in helping to make our country a better place. We have 128 actions laid out in ten chapters that helps guide people into understanding how to engage in the process and how to find the people who are already working to make a difference. We have something for all personality types in the book—for talkers, for introverts, for social media junkies, for techies, for artists … for anyone. And we have smaller actions, such as going to a city council meeting, and larger actions, such as learning about your privilege and understanding more about racism. Anyone can use this book to start being part of the political resistance.

Going up? Kerri

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